1/2 K!

5oo posts later, still at it.

Who would have thought that an idea that emerged from a meeting up in the Highlands in 2014 would result in such an interesting, long-standing project? Certainly not me. Initially the idea was simply to reverse-engineer the brand image that people had of treemagineers by writing about stuff that we find interesting, annoying, funny or moving… or simply worth sharing and spreading.

The same premise holds true here as with the rest of the treemagineers project: we carry on as long as we have something worth saying or sharing – and it is fun. And believe it or not, things keep on cropping up that seem worth spending a moment dwelling on and writing about. The blog has been a very interesting process for me, as it forces me to sit down and think through what I am trying to say about a concept or an idea that occurred to me during the day. Writing is not rocket science, you simply need to do it. If there is one thing I have always felt strongly about, it is that as climbers we need to be part of the solution, we need to learn to express ourselves, to be clear about our needs and demands – and by doing so, become way more than just trained monkey, climbing for money!

Thank you to everybody who has been along for the ride and contributed in one way or another, I always enjoy chatting about topics that were published in the blog and appreciate feedback. No comments enabled, no, because I don’t feel like taming trolls, but please feel free to ping off an e-mail or a message via the treemagineers website should you want to comment or add something.

Now onwards to the next 500!