Working the stem

Patrick Z. spotted this one, I found it quite amusing. Petzl use the image below on the left-hand side in their 2015 catalogue. The image on the right is one that I drew in the course of last year to illustrate attachment to a stem.

I liked the way the two almost form a sequence of motions…

One thing I would comment on in the Petzl image is that I feel it is a good idea for the secondary attachment to be higher up than depicted, as, if anything happened to the lanyard, such as being flipped over the top as consequence of dynamic movement of the stem, it could result in a nasty backward fall onto the stem – upsidedown.

Attachment to the stem should be as high as possible while still leaving sufficient distance to the cut, one of them should be choked and one should be cut-resistant. This to me would seem to be a reasonable level of safety.

I also thought it very kind of Petzl to promote our pulleySAVER. 😉