Trees, mug and who?

Trees, mug and who? This was a frequent response we got in the early days… ok, maybe it does take a moment to get your head round the name.

Almost fifteen years down the road, we can look back at some very busy, intense treemagineers years. It is fascinating how this project has evolved from a group of three climbers who were puzzling about the ways in which we work and the tools we use, with a bit of time on their hands, plenty of ideas and a lot of idealism – to where we are today: over the years we have had the privilege to interact with many people in many different countries when doing workshops or presentations, we have contributed various tools and techniques to tree care, done all sorts of testing and background research, written articles and been involved in events… amongst many other things.

At this point I would like to thank all persons who have supported and encouraged us in whatever form over the years, there are many of you out there. Ideas are all very well, but if they are not supported, they wilt and fade away. Luckily this has not been the case, so thank you all for your contributions.

Who would have imagined that after all these years we would still be doing this treemagineers thing together? Not me necessarily. It just seemed like a good idea at the time, not big master plan or strategy to back it up, just something that evolved in an organic fashion. Above all, I liked the idea of a joint project with Chris and Beddes, doing stuff and spending time together. This remains true to this day, there are still questions that beg an answer, concepts and ideas to be pursued and evolved into presentations, techniques or tools.

Another red thread during this time is that we were never interested in becoming a brand.

Not our thing, simply not interested, brands are hollow. Having said that, I am aware that of course there is an outside perception of what we stand for, who we are and what we do, but hey… not much you can do about that. In fact, this was one of the key motivators to start this blog you are reading – reverse-engineered brand building, so to speak. We have no interest in being pigeonholed into a neat and tidy box, life is far too interesting to let peoples’ pre-conceived ideas of who you are and what you are supposed to do or not to limit your actions.

One thing is for sure: this trip has certainly never been boring or something we do because we have no choice in the matter. One of the things we promised ourselves at the outset was that we would only continue to do this so long as it is fun and interesting.

Well, here we are in 2016, still at it – so it must still be fun and interesting. And it is. Admittedly there are times where more background work has to be done, but next year is shaping up to be very exciting. I would love to tell you more, but that would be spoiling.

Stay tuned for news in the course of the year.

But before we tackle 2017, I am looking forwards to the yearly treemagineers retreat in the Black Forest in a couple of weeks. It is important to now and again to step out of the frenzied pace we seem to live our daily lives in, to take a moment to look back – and forwards.