Blog post number 600! Yaaay!

Who would have thought it back at the very first blog post in April 2014 that ┬áit would still be going strong today? The concept then was to reverse engineer peoples’ perception of the treemagineers brand, yet it has actually proven to be more than that..

Far from running out of topics to talk about, the blog has given me the opportunity to evolve and build upon ideas and concepts which I find interesting. And guess what? The topics just keep on rolling in, so no shortage there! Ok, it has also caused a shit storm or two, but hey, as they say in German, when you plane wood, you will have shavings. Overall it has been a very positive experience, leading to many interesting discussions with people all over the world.

The blog, as you have certainly noticed, has comments disabled. This is a conscious decision, as we see this blog as a small push back against the fast-twitch, alway-in-response mode of many social media outlets. We believe that some themes deserve depth and time to be given thought and due consideration before unleashing them on the rest of the world.

Thank all of you who take the time to stop by and read the blog, whether this be on a regular basis or sporadically. Feel free to agree or disagree and do not be shy to get in touch to have a chat about a topic which struck you as being relevant.

Climb safe