A couple of old drawings…

Looking back through some old drawings, I stumbled across these… did these for Friedrich Drayer’s catalogue back in 2003! Makes me feel rather old – not that I am too worried about that.

Love this one… the poise of the climber, the log jutting out of the picture, just somehow works. And it also is a situation that is very familiar, as this would be a typical sort of surroundings to be working in here in Basel.

And then this one, uses for the Petzl Minitraxion. Coffee machine up the tree? You cannot argue against that! Scan is not fantastic quality, sorry about that. Notice the Bart Simpson mug…

This one also makes me smile, in reality of course, it is not quite so humorous, but still… been there, done that, in the days before lowering devices, as you really thought twice about taking wraps around the trunk, especially if it was covered in a climbing rose or the like.

Dry land water skiing, we used to call it.

time for a capstan!