Access line assemblies

Going through some photos on my laptop I came across this one of the access line assembly I am currently using and am quite happy with.

All lines are Teufelberger’s Platinum, the front two are 30m, the back one 60. The eyes were stitched to order in the TB factory and are 15cm long and girth nicely onto the small Rigging Hub. You can custom order any length stitched eye, I got these lines within a fortnight of ordering them – which I thought was quite impressive.

Also installed on the Rigging Hub is a Pinto Loop. The idea of this configuration is that for one it is free of any connectors that could get cross-loaded against structure, e.g. the trunk or branches – and also for the assembly to offer a number of options.

Apart from being very compact due to the lack of knots and connectors, the free slot on the Hub offers the possibility to attach you lanyard run off the main ventral attachment point into it upon reaching the top of the access.

The Pinto allows having a line pre-installed, waiting for you when you reach the top – or half-way up, depending what you need to do in the tree. Unlike other in-line assemblies, this one leaves the access free, so in case of a rescue becoming necessary, a person can still access the tree, as you are attached into the top of the line.

When using Patron, which has a Polyamid cover instead of the Polyester used in Platinum and is therefore more susceptible to heat damage, I would recommend using a protective cover for the part of the line running over the fork, but in this case, using Platinum, I feel it is less of an issue.

Below is a infographic I made up a while ago that discusses base anchor assemblies… some of it a bit dated, but the gist of it still holds true.

Basal Anchor installation