Alternative careers?

What would I do if I were to stop tree work?

Umm… good question. I have never really gone through life with a very clear pathway laid out before me, rather things have… evolved. I have a rough idea, do not get me wrong, but some people seem have it all mapped out, down to the very last detail… I am not one of those people.

Still, having said that, this is a idea for a business I have had kicking around my head for a while: how about a mobile chicken grill? I would convert a van, have an open sided grill part at the back with an awning and a big plastic chicken on the roof. I would call it… Poulet in the Head. (Poulet, by the way, is French for chicken. It also rhymes with “bullet”). I would drive through the streets of my town blasting Rage Against the Machine with the volume cranked up to max – a bit like the ice cream man when we were kids. Just different.

I would do this all wearing a rubber glove on my head, so as to really get into the role.


Actually, on second thoughts, I have been vegetarian for years, and this plan is all fine and dandy, except for the chicken part. That grosses me out a bit. I also see some ethical issues. But, hey, let’s face it: Tofu Burger in the Head just does not have the same je ne sais qui, the same pizzazz.

Oh well, I reckon I will stick with tree work for the time being.