Arborist Mythology

One of the things that Stanley Lonstaff pointed out is that in a marine community there are rituals, such as songs and music, to cope and come to terms with tragedy, but also to celebrate – and that this was lacking in arboriculture.

In one of The Art and Science of Practical Rigging videos he sings a deeply moving a cappella version of Like The Sea in memory of Peter Donzelli, for me without a doubt one of the most powerful moments in that series…

And I think he is right. So here we go, how about an arborist mythology? Rob Ironside and Maja Bellem have contributed a number of great characters to this project, it is work in progress, I will keep you posted.

So first off, this is Sona Harî , the Throwline Godess…

Sona Harî

It is her you want to address before you make that throw, you do well to stand humbly before her, as she does not look kindly upon the cock-sure and arrogant. She is the goddess of fair lines and high crotches.

Yes, she herself endorses high-quality throw bags, as you can tell in the image above, not some yellow, knock off copy of the original. We should do well to follow her example and not rip off our own scene.

Cryptic? Think about it…