Arborist’s sonar

I came up with this one a good ten years old, if not more. For some reason I had to think of it today, still makes me smile…

All the funnier in fact, since Paul Howard told me the story during the Augsburg set-up of the time when he was setting up the crew on site, left one of the guys in front of the property to fell a spruce, went round the back to sort out the rest of the work, when he heard the noise of a chainsaw firing up, following by the whooshing sound of a tree falling – followed by a weird sound, a bit like… plastic deforming. Upon closer inspection, it transpired the tree had been felled straight through a Port-a-Loo, cleanly (well, not really!) splitting it in two, with the content explosively voided up the side of the building.

Yuuurk! 🤮

Now that is a pure arborist’s sonar-moment, if I ever heard of one!