Arrived in Świerklaniec!

Finished the second leg of the trip, this one in driving rain all the way from Prague.

Good, good, get it all out of the system, so there is none left for the weekend! It would be such a novelty to have a TCC with no rain!

Just been for a walk in the park… the location is spectacular.

A beautiful, natural park with loads of interesting features, trees in various states of decline, standing dead wood, really interesting structures and fungi – but also beautiful, mature trees that have just been left alone to grow.

Oh, and did I mention that we are staying in a palace-like hotel? We are. I feel a bit like old European nobility, fallen upon hard times (ok, stretching the imagination a bit, there – and come to that, who wants to be nobility, anyway?).

Sadly, there is not Świerklaniec castle anymore, as the Russians dynamited it after the War, apparently they were not so keen on its former German owner (Świerklaniec is in Silesia, which used to be on the border of Prussia and Russia), but still, the park gives you an inkling of the former grandeur of this place.