Augsburg set-up epic

After an epic set-up during the past four days, we are all set to launch into the 2018 edition of Climbers Forum at the German Tree Care Days in Augsburg, Germany (well, Bavaria, strictly speaking, but that is another story).

This year feels special for a number of reasons. Not only is it the twentieth anniversary of this event, but also we have moved the whole proceedings indoors, so all talks, whether formal, screen-based presentation or practical demo take place in hall 3 now, with a spanking-new sectional drop tower and tree stand. Also, no more projection for screen-based content, rather we will be using an LED screen. We had this running at 50% yesterday, and as it was it seemed incredibly bright. 100% would probably give the people in the front row a sunburn!

All this is exciting and relevant because it opens the doors to all sorts of new possibilities for presentations, such as testing with real-time data projection, mixed media formats, combing demos and scree-based content, theatre etc.¬†All of this feels like a significant step forwards for an event that is already exciting and dynamic, giving me all sorts of ideas for years to come…

For this time being, I am simply happy that all went well for set- up. The tower is a precision fit into the sky light of the building and everything came together nicely.

A big thank-you to all who supported us during set-up, Phil, Paul, Kathy, Christian, obviously this would not have been possible without you!

First day kicks off with half a day on harness design, the other half on one-handed use of chainsaws. Stay tuned for more on this…