Beasts of burden

In today’s increasingly congested cities, thinking out of the box when it comes to moving goods around them ought to be a concern for all of us. We had fun the past few days working a site close to the yard, packing the climbing gear on our transport bikes, Surly’s Big Dummy and a Bullitt. Or, as I like to think of it, the pouletalthough that will only be funny if you are franophonic.

I find not spending hours sitting in traffic to be very liberating. When it comes to alternative transport concepts, in view of the ecological aspect of the work we do, I believe arborist companies ought to be part of a push towards a more sustainable future. Baby steps, you say? Yes, of course, but you have got to start somewhere… and without a doubt, the time is now!

The job was pruning an alignment of London plane trees for the city. In the freezing cold wind. Brrrr. Winter is totally over-rated, in my opinion. But that is another story.