Better late than never

I realised I did not write anything about TCI Expo in Columbus, OH beginning of November.

The reason for this is… well, to be quite honest, these events do not exactly set me on fire with inspiration. But hey. It is an opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues, to talk shop and generally geek out. We did a bit of stuff at the DMM and Teufelberger booths.

A highlight for me was DMM Rob messing around with Alessandro’s Arb Pro mannequins during tear-down…

Afterwards we went to the New England Ropes factory in Fall River, MA for a meeting. Upon arrival I was attacked by their large diameter guard rope…

And Chris got excited about the local cuisine. One of the great things about getting home from travels is getting back to a normal, healthy and balanced diet.

So, for the record, that was our November outing to TCI Expo.