Big Wind power packs a punch

No, this post is not about renewable energy sources or anything so reasonable. My brother Tim pointed this one out to me – I have to admit I am more than tempted.

Got one of these?

So you think you have got power?

Well think again! How about this as an alternative to a BR500: a decommissioned Russian tank combined with the jets from a MiG-21 fighter jet… built with fighting fires in mind, aptly named Big Wind. Some names are more descriptive than others – in this case it is probably safe to say it is neither a misnomer nor merely another big claim.

Apart from putting out fires – Big Wind was used in the oil fields of Iraq to extinguish burning wellheads – I can imagine any number of things you could get up to with this unit! Put it this way, you would not waste much time in autumn any more with raking up leaves in peoples’ gardens.

And, oh yes, tidy-up suddenly got much faster, too!

Reminded me a bit of the story of the Ford Mustang with the JATO solid-fuel boosters attached to it, but that is different story for another time.

Now I wonder if they do a Hybrid Plug-In version of Big Wind?