Blog slow-down

As you may have noticed, the blog has been running somewhat slow the past few weeks. There are a number of reasons for this, one being that I am running on fumes.

The way I usually go about writing for the blog is that during the day I when I come across something that sparks my interest, which I feel might lend itself to be expanded into or be part of a blog post, I will make a mental or actual note, which I will refer back to when I have a moment to sit down and write it.

So am I running out of stuff to talk about? Hardly, as there are plenty of items on the list.

Things have just been very busy, with work requiring a push, debriefing the Tree Care Days in Augsburg – and going up to Hamburg to discuss how next year is going to run, finalising the last details of the European Tree Climbing Championship, which has been.. well, let’s just say an uphill struggle and leave it at that – sometimes the less said the better. Add into that other speaker obligations and workshops and you are not left with much wriggle space.

Still, everybody seems to do busy.

So I have decided to stop whinging, to do something about it and to free up some time to be able to do more of what I enjoy, therefore this will be the last year I will be acting as chairperson for ETCC and also the last year as Head Technician for ITCC.

I am looking forwards to going back to the West coast of the US later this year to do a couple of events there, returning to the Czech republic later this year, Vertical Connect (did I mention this will be translated into English this year? Hint, hint), TCI Expo, where I am sure there will be more deep diving, plans for a trip to Japan evolving for next year, building up to the 20th anniversary of Climbers’ Forum in Augsburg next year and also seeing a number of really exciting products continuing to move towards production, details of which we will hopefully be able to share with you in the course of this year.

And having more time to write, which I enjoy. So stay tuned.