Brave little pulley

I came across this Hitch Climber pulley during a recent training course…

It is safe to say that I have never seen damage this extensive on one of these pulleys. What you cannot tell from the photos is that one of the side plates is also severely deformed and the rivet is damaged. It is safe to say that this pulley was not a million miles from failing.

The person using it was blissfully oblivious to all this. They had to rig a tree up a hill and he simply used what he had to hand, realising that it was maybe not the best of ideas, yet lacking options decided, to go with this plan. The steel cable they were using obviously chewed away quite a bit of the sheave, once they finished there must have been a fair old pile of aluminium shavings under the pulley!

Yet still this plucky little Hitch Climber soldiers on! In many ways this made me think of Reverend Awdry’s Thomas the Tank Engine… therefore I declare that henceforth the Hitch Climber pulley shall be known as the Thomas the Tank Engine of the pulley world! 😊

Or, easier in shorthand: TTTEOTPW! (just got to remember that now 😳)