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It’s been a truly busy week. I was thinking about how to sum it up on the drive back home from Augsburg – and realized it’d turn into a monster post! I therefore have decided to split it up into multiple shorter posts.

I would like to thank all involved in making this event happen for their support, all at Forum Baumpflege, Dirk Dujesiefken for going along with my blue sky thinking, Irina Kaths-Knigge for being efficient, always friendly and just all-round wonderful, Puk for mucking in, all the speakers for the thought, energy and creativity they invest in the material  they present, there were a number of first-time speakers this year, most of whom have been coming to the show for years – and I just love to see people making that transition… Also I would like to thank all who came and joined us for the conference, I realize this means travel and accommodation costs, as well as loss of income, but as by the end of the show I was buzzing! Seeing all these tree people meet and interact is just fantastic.

Finally I would also like to thank Chris for all the time and effort he has invested in our drop tower over these last months, truly this is his brainchild, the attention to detail and the functionality are just stunning.

Next year’s dates are 5 to 7 May 2015, infos here:

Climbers' Forum Augsburg
Climbers’ Forum Augsburg