If you can read this, do not compartmentalise

One of my favorite Pithy Points of Alex Shigo…

So true.

This is one of the reasons why I rattle on about the importance of meeting, interacting and discussing topics face to face. So often conflict emerges out of misunderstandings that result out of such interaction and written communication – whilst it has other strengths – is not a substitute.

There are a number of platforms to discuss topics related to tree climbing, techniques and equipment coming up this year. Not forgetting that they are of course also ideal places to meet and hang out with tree people!

First off the Climbers’ Forum in Augsburg, near Munich in Germany. Sorry, Bavaria. That is on the 5, 6 and 7 of May. I have written about that event before, so I will not bore you, but this is one not to miss. This year we will have simultaneous translation into English and French, there will be a big party on Wednesday evening where, rumor has it, Belgium’s finest, the threemagicbeers will be playing. Also, apart from the demos and presentations there is the big trade show, ArborArt and the academic conference.

Then Gregor Hansch is planning an Arborday in Berlin, beginning of June. Details to follow. I will be going, Berlin is always a blast, so that is one to look forwards to.

On 4 and 5 September vertical-connect, an interdisciplinary work at height forum will be taking place in Meiringen in the Swiss alps (English translation on the web site is not up and running yet, sorry, work in progress). It is an absolutely spectacular venue that offers great possibilities. I am very excited about this one, as the group organizing this event is very diverse, with people from lots of different areas of work at height, so it promises to offer an in depth insight into the different ways in which people work at height and the philosophies behind them.

Not to mention the many other industry events, such as ITCC in Tampa in March, ETCC in Italy (date yet to be confirmed), TCI Expo and so on…

There really is no excuse to compartmentalise, let’s get out there, get involved and by doing so, move this industry forwards, making a positive difference!

So… what’s the title of this blog post supposed to mean? Well, if you were a tree, you could not be reading this: then it is fine to compartmentalize. If you are human, however, you can read and should therefore not be compartmentalizing.

¡Basta Ya!