Condor Safety opening event in Menen

Joined the Condor team for the opening of their new shop and training centre this weekend in Menen, close to Kortrijk in West Flanders. I was very impressed. Not just by the obvious, which was of course the impressive building, very well thought through, warm,  inviting spaces with natural lighting, well exhibited ranges of interesting brands – but also to watch the way the Condor team of six handled a daunting influx of guests, always friendly and courteous and always up for a chat or a friendly word.

I was happy to be able to contribute something towards this event… I reckon with the amount of flowers and other potted greenery they received from well wishers (not to mention adult beverages), I think they could actually branch out into the florist business – and an off-lincense liquor store.

Patsy and Wolter have been very supportive of the arborist scene, not just in Belgium, but also at a European level, being very much present at the last European Tree Climbing Competitions with the Belgian Support Crew. This is very much to their credit and much appreciated.

It was a great opportunity to meet up with old friends and to meet new, interesting people and to have a chat. Also, I like being able to leave an event like this and to be able to say “See you next week in Augsburg”, as otherwise post-event the tribe tends to disperse in all celestial directions. Makes a nice change.

Thanks also to Solvey for keeping me company on the trip and for taking the pics.

So, drive back to Switzerland tomorrow, three day training course Mon to Wed, then off to Augsburg on Sun.