Crane work

Cracking video by Vito Cordasco documenting a crane removal we did a couple of weeks ago.

It shows the removal of a really large beech tree, sadly one stem of which had severe die-back over a period of a number of years, as well as the base being absolutely full of fungus. The sum of these defects consequently lead to the decision to remove it. Due to restricted access and the amount of wood to be removed we chose the crane removal option, with thirty seven picks this was a long day – and we removed four skip-loads of wood! Conditions on the day were beautiful, chilly but clear, allowing for great drone footage.

I thought the sequences showing balanced loads were especially interesting – this was indeed the challenge for this removal: very long pieces with not a lot of space to deposit them into. The individual picks were not very heavy, around one tonne, but larger pieces simply would not have made sense from a handling point of view. Also, the crane, a Liebherr MK80 could take around 1.9 tonnes at the furthest point out at 51 meters, so it did not make sense to go overboard on size.

The pic below gives you an impression of just how tight we were for space… the processing zone being just above the crane. All the loads were lifted between the two buildings. The space below the crane was not used as this had to remain open for vehicle to get in and out and also due to street light electricity cables.

A further interesting sequence is the one where Vito did a time lapse sequence of the space we were depositing the limbs into. I was struck by how this space was constantly being cleared, right down to being raked and swept between picks. This makes sense, in all likelihood the highest risk on a site like this is that someone slips or trips while handling a load during tidy-up.

A big thank you goes out to all involved in this project: Serge, obviously, for his diligent organisation of all the aspects of the job, the crew from Team Vertical, Christian and Patrick from Welti Furrer – and of course Vito for the great footage and editing the video.