I have been in Ireland since yesterday, drove across over the weekend, took the boat from Cherbourg to Ros Láir and am thoroughly enjoying myself. What an interesting place! I am in Galway right now and it is striking how quickly you can travel from a very urban, bustling city environment to something very rural, wild and wooly. The trip from Galway to the Burren, south of the Galway Bay is maybe 50 minutes – yet it makes a huge difference. Certainly makes you want to spend more time and see more!

Tomorrow we travel down to Cork, where a workshop will be taking place on Wednesday and Thursday, hosted by Arborist.ie at the Frankenfield Golf Club. A big thank you to Greg Marah for having made this happen at fairly short notice – and for rustling up a good crowd, by the sound of it.

Stay tuned for more pics…