En route to NZ

Not a good idea, just worked out that I have 48 hours worth of flying and travel ahead of me.

Still, I was just reading about how long it used to make the London to Singapore run eighty years ago: one week. The plane left London, the airport was in Croydon then, and arrived in Singapore on Sunday a week later. Quite a haul…

So, maybe I am not so badly off after all, also worked out which films I am going to watch, excited about finally getting round to Godzilla, on a less positive note, no Lucy… but I suppose you can’t always win.

I was just going to write that in-flight entertainment today probably beats that in the days of Imperial Airlines, but then again…

Yes, well, I suppose I might actually not be quite so adverse to a week’s worth of travel in those conditions.

Unless it is the Maxim Gorky you are flying in.