En route

En route to Świerklaniec… stopped off in Prague for the night and met up with David, Svetalana and Jan from the Czech Arb Association for a meal and a couple of beers (when in Rome…). I love Prague, it is such a vibrant place full of history and culture. And it has a really good buzz to it, too. Definitively not the last time I will have been here.

Another five hours of driving tomorrow. The Hilux is all over the place. It feels as though someone has loaded the back up to the gunwales with ropes and other heavy stuff. Oh, that’s exactly the case, of course!

I have said it before and will say it again, climbing stuff is just sooooo heavy. In my next life I am determined to be something that involves light equipment only, such as a professional dominos player, or a jogger or something like that. Just no ropes.

This is an example for non-heavy kit...