I finally managed to get the ETCC poster done, see below. This tends to be accompanied by a feeling of relief, as well as satisfaction to have got it out of the way. Believe it or not, it is not that straight-forward to find pics that lend themselves well to being used in this way.

Anyway, enough of technicalities…

ETCC is a fantastic event. It is a great representation of our climbers’ culture… dynamic, diverse, interesting, inclusive, sometimes unruly and – almost always – fun! The city of Deventer is easy to get to and has a nice, friendly feel to it. The park is right across the river Issel from the old town, with a beautiful population of mature trees. Camping will be on site. Also, as usual there will be a trade show and a Saturday evening party, as well as a number of other events around the competition.

Oh yes, did I mention the Threemagicbeers are rumoured to be planning a concert in their new line-up?

So… if you have nothing planned around those dates, consider yourself warmly invited to join us in Deventer. Come to that, if you DO have something planned, come regardless!

Who is the climber on the poster? Guesses on a post card. The first correct answer wins a treemagineers limited edition rubber bath duck.