Exciting news

We are very excited about the launch of the up-date of the trusty Hitch Climber at the German Tree Care Days!

Hitch Climber Eccentric gives the Hitch Climber platform a total face lift, but of course this is about more than simple cosmetics: with the new eccentric orientation of the attachment holes and the differentiated pushing and fairleading faces it also delivers significantly improved function – independent of which rope configuration you are climbing. The upper pusher plates will advance your climbing hitch earlier and in a more efficient manner, the fully rounded lower face will allow your line to enter smoothly with minimal build-up of friction from all orientations.

For more info see here.

Apart being light and highly functional, the Hitch Climber Eccentric is also quite simply a lovely bit of design!

If you plan to be at the trade show of the German Tree Care Days during the coming three days, make sure to swing by the DMM booth where you will find a couple of these pulleys being demonstrated. If not, you will simply have to be a bit patient. 😊