Far from over!

Dear person reading this blog.

As you may have noticed I have not managed to update the blog as frequently as I would have liked to recently. This is due to a fair amount of turmoil on various fronts of my life, as well as simply having been super busy with various projects. But rest assured: the treemagineers blog project is far from over. In my daily life I keep on bumping into topics I would love to sit down and write a post about – but then run out of hours in the day to do so.

Next week is the Climbers’ Forum at the German Tree Care Days. I am very excited to see our brand new sectional drop tower in action – as well as the new tree stand and the new AV tech we will be using. The tower and tree stand left Wales for Augsburg today, set up starts up on Friday. I will keep you updated with the progress as it happens. Those amongst you who are making the trip will be there for the action as it happens, of course – looking forwards to seeing you all.

Also, of course, for the various industry event in the course of this year we have a number of product launches lined up, which is always exciting and satisfying, as these represent the end of a lengthy process of design, prototyping and validation. It is that moment when we get feedback from the end users as to whether they actually see any validity to our ideas, which is really the ultimate test.

So… lots to look forwards to. And thank you for hanging in here with me, things will pick up again in due course.

And then of course there are days like this. I like spring. Working on a London plane above the river Rhine today…