Finishing off the year

As 2015 draws towards an end, with the last full week of work, I find myself looking back and reflecting upon another year filled to the brim with a multitude of impressions, meetings and images. The pace just seems relentless… looking forwards to a couple of days break over the Christmas period.

Having said that, 2016 is filling up fast, there are a number of very exciting projects in the pipeline, stay tuned for further details in the course of the year.

The last couple of weeks I have been at home in Basle working with the crew, which is always good. Not much of a winter here – not that I am complaining, mind you – I reckon snow is pretty over-rated… at least in an urban context: Pretty for about thirty seconds, then wet, slushy and icky for the rest of the time until it melts at last.

Busy skies, makes you realize what they mean when they talk about congested airways. Contrails are admittedly pretty rubbish for the environment – but nice to look at. The planes in the pic above on the left were obviously involved in some kind of race…

This was a job we did beginning of this week, Pascal, Vito, Stefan and I, pruning four large Lombardy poplars by the river Rhine. I love climbing Lombardys – there I have said it now. There is something to the flow of the structure and the way you climb using the friction of small pressure points that I find very pleasing. Also we could traverse from on the the next, which is always fun.

I liked the way a bud is tickling the window in the forty second floor of the new Roche tower in the right-hand photo.

This was the next day, by the old town wall, reducing some weight off the canopy of the trees growing over the road. Great stuff, again, traversing from tree to tree using DMM’s new Captain hook, which just makes traversing so easy, but that is for another post…

And arriving at today, got damp in the morning, resulting in lots of gear to dry, including a bunch of throw line cubes. Would that be a gaggle? A herd? A pod? Certainly not a pride. I reckon it is probably indeed a pod of throw line cubes.

Weeks like this really make me realise how much I enjoy climbing and although the other projects I am involved with mean that I spend time away from home traveling, which has other perks (such as hanging around airport lounges), I would never want to miss it. After twenty five years, I find myself still not bored with it, believe it or not. In fact on the contrary, I find that I am still learning things on a regular basis, gaining small insights or re-visiting things I had forgotten.

Apart from anything else, I find climbing to be indispensable to establish a sense of balance between mind and body – not in an esoteric sense, but very concrete and tangible.