First workshop day in Japan

A decidedly fraught journey to Japan yesterday left me feeling rather shaky prior to the first workshop day with KEM Japan today.

Once we got started, however, everything came together: the group was really motivated, switched on and keen, Takashi Osaka as usual did a fantastic job of translating and Paul Poynter mucked in too and helped seeing the thing moving. The Forest Park in Satiama is stunning, calming and moving – all at the same time.

One of the things I like here is that it is such an easy place to be respectful and p0lite in, as everyone else is too. Apart from that, lots of things about Japan remind me of Switzerland… it is also a society where many people are sharing little space together, hence a high degree of cooperation and oranisation. Yet it is decidedly not Switzerland.

Tomorrow we travel onwards to Nagano, I am excited as I have never been to the west coast – well, or that direction at least.