This is maybe blindingly obvious, but let me say it anyhow:

When writing about Florim’s accident it was never my intent to highlight his accident over others.

My reaction was very much of the instinctive, knee-jerk kind, it was clear to me from the get-go that being totally open and transparent about what had happened was the right response in this instance for this person – which Flo confirmed when we spoke about it prior to going public with the news. For someone else, naturally, a totally different response might have been necessary – this is after all not a matter of what is right or wrong, simply what is appropriate and helpful.

In the past year there have been four serious accidents in my more or less immediate professional surroundings, including one fatality. This hurts badly, making me very much aware of my own mortality, highlighting the stark truth how fragile a life can be, irreversibly changed in the blink of an eye.

Of course, things sometimes go wrong. This is further compiled by the fact that in arboriculture we work in an environment, at height and with machinery, where when things go wrong, they tend to go wrong badly – with serious consequences.

There is not such thing as a more or less important accident. Every single one is tragic and one too many.

Let us be diligent in how we do things, mindful of each other and respectful of the environments we work in and the tools we work with.

Our thoughts, love and support go out to all those affected by an accident, including their families, loved ones and friends.