Fully excited

Climbers’ Forum in Augsburg is one week away! I will freely admit to being fully excited!

The tower leaves Wales on Thursday, set up in Augsburg on Saturday and Sunday, then we roll into the event. As a first, attendees will receive the Climbers’ Forum Companion, a spiral-bound 140-page A4 booklet to which each speaker contributed four pages around their theme. I have to say that it looks rather spectacular.

Further, I am excited, but also a tad apprehensive about the practical demo I running on the Wednesday on balancing techniques in rigging. Excited because we will be using some new elements to visualize the topic – and apprehensive… because we will be using some new elements to visualize the topic. Still, it should work out fine, I have a game plan after all. And a good team on site – not that they know about it yet! ?

It is interesting running this event and ITCC back to back.

Some of the frustrations I feel regarding short-comings of the competitions are made up for by the format we run in Augsburg. Really the two events are complementary, two sides of the same coin, with the weaknesses of one being compensated by the strengths of the other – and vice versa. I would love to see this kind of solid, in-depth, long-term debate take place in other parts of the world with more people taking part, being immersed in and contributing to this vibrant, exciting and dynamic entity which is climbers’s culture.