Give that candidate some points!

Just preparing the stuff I need for scrutinising at next week’s arborist exam.

With 36 candidates, testing them for knowledge of equipment and work safety, one and a half hours per candidate, it is going to be quite a week. Then it is straight on up into the mountains to get ready for vertical-connect, so this is quite an epic packing session, as you can imagine.

I was just thinking about past exams before and about funny work-around answers. One of my all-time favourites has to be the candidate who answered the question What means do you have to document hazards and risks? with a very witty Pen and paper. I was prepared for all kinds of answers, VTA, risk assessments, you name it – but this was not one of the answers I had anticipated. But of course, technically, it is correct.

I hope I gave the chap some points.

Sometimes, when you don’t know the answer, getting creative – whilst it may not be the solution – may at least be entertaining.