Good/ bad

The good? Right then…

I was using the DK slider during that big take down earlier this week. Dan Kraus (hence the name) came up with this very helpful piece of kit, which is essentially a two-pronged length of high-modulus polyethylene is the same wide as a chainsaw bar. You jam it in the cut and it prevents the saw from getting jammed, but on top of that, due to the fact that the material is very slippery, it is also easy to slide lumps of wood off it, great to get those heavy blocks moving. This sounds like a bit of a no-brainer, but actually it can make the difference between a job being hard work – or stupidly hard work.

Dan kindly gave me one a couple of years ago, it is starting to look pretty chewed up, probably time to get a new one…

The bad?

When you have finished for the day, get home and wonder what that triangle of leather is hanging off the heel of your newish boot, that wasn’t there this morning?

Argh! Really?!

I obviously managed to catch it with a gaff during the fell today. Oh well, nothing a glob of Araldite won’t sort out. Still annoying though.