Bricks are heavy, as L7 famously once stated.

True as this may be, I would add to that that rope also is bloody heavy.

If I had any gripes about my choice of career (which I do not really, by the way), it would be that the gear is so heavy. Professional joggers or concert triangle players, now those are professions that would allow you to travel light, with just a pair of running shoes – respectively your triangle, and maybe a replacement one, just to be on the safe side – to pack. Why, you would be traveling with carry on only. All the time. From an arborist’s perspective this thought makes me laugh, as we always seem to max out our luggage allowance.

And that is not because we travel with our favorite bricks, but rather due to all the rope and the assortment of aluminium that we lug around with us.

Yesterday we did a thorough inspection of all the gear in our company.

This resulted in a fair number of old lines being binned. Manu decided to check out just how heavy they really were… he combined this with some rather cunning mime numbers, see below for the results. I thought it was a pretty good effort on his part.