One of my personal highlights this year was certainly spending some time up in the Swiss alps before vertical-connect with a group of climbers and Richard Delaney. Richard, for those of you who do not know him has a background in engineering and academia, which he then turned his back on to spend years as a mountain and ski guide. Today he is active, amongst other things, with Rope Lab, where he explores the intricacies of working with and on ropes.

The whole experience up in the mountains was engergising, no chest thumping, no ego involved, simply a group of people sharing information freely, keen to expand their horizons. Richard fit into this really well. He is a person who is deeply competent at what he does, yet, as so often seems to be the case, he does not feel the need to shout about it or TO JAM IT UP IN YOUR FACE IN CAPS! He even posts videos without flashy effects and filters! How crass is that?! 😊

Thank you to everybody who joined us at Evergrin, looking forwards to a re-run.