Hitting the big time!

Working our way through our alley of red oaks today, I noticed on Google Maps that the all-seeing eye had spotted us…

Yup, that is OUR very own and personal traffic jam. The reason for it?

The council had wardens on traffic duty, allowing us to close off one of the lanes as we worked on the trees. As I said the other day, due to the road being so busy this inevitably resulted in tailbacks.

But I thought this was great, a bit like high-octane egogoogling… or a bit like we had made the big time: Wheeee! Mum, Dad, check it out, we’re famous, we’re on the INTERNET! (voice goes squeaky with excitement)

I doubt somewhat though that the folks sitting in their cars in the blazing sun shared my enthusiasm, but hey, they could have ridden their bicycles.