Drinking enough during a work day can be a challenge.

Camelbak drinking backpacks are a good solution, yet I have to admit that I struggle to keep them clean, great when they are new (or someone else cleans them for you), but I will freely confess to being a Camelbak slob. So in the past I have jury-rigged an assortment of bottles into the tree, to varying degrees of success… as well as some spectacular fails.

Recently, a good solution I have come across, also made by Camelbak, is the Chute Mag. You can get them in various sizes, I have opted for the 1.2 litre version, as on a hot day this will see me through at least half the day to then top up. The bottle has a wide opening, which makes it easy to clean. The screw top is clever, as the cap is retained by a plastic flap, so you will not drop it out of the tree and when you fold it back it is located by a magnet to prevent it from flopping around. I did not realise I found this annoying in the older version of the Chute – until I used this version. Neat. Also incorporated into the screw top is a really beefy moulding which is large enough to clip a full size karabiner or a Vault into – with little risk of it tearing off.

Camelbak offer the bottle in two models, the standard plastic version as well as a thermos version, the Chute Mag Vacuum, which is made out of stainless steel. The latter is slightly heavier but is great as it will keep liquids warm in winter – and cool in summer. I hadn’t really cottoned onto the advantages of using a vacuum bottle when it is warm until the other day when I left my bottle lying by the foot of the tree on a warm day, in full sunshine… so when I came down out of the tree in need of a drink, I was fully expecting it to taste disgusting – as water in a plastic bottle does after having been left in the sun – to then be pleasantly surprised by the cooled liquid. The other version of stainless steel over aluminium is you do not need to worry if/ when it gets tonked, that some gross coating on the inside starts to peel off, as it will with the SIGG bottles. Been there, cannot recommend it.

I have found the integrated clip to be strong enough to clip the bottle to the harness with a locking karabiner or to leave it parked at the top of the access line, there when I need it.

Full disclosure, I do not receive any money from Camelbak to promote their product, I simply appreciate and enjoy using a well thought-out, durable product that offers a high degree of functionality.