First couple of days in New Zealand.

After a slightly trying flight, Chris and I arrived in Auckland on last Thursday. On to Christchurch where I did a one-day workshop with Andreas “Rossi” Ross from Proclimb on Friday.

During this we discussed the question whether certification alone ensures that equipment is fit for purpose, looked at a range of examples and then widened the debate to include generic considerations when designing systems and assemblies and what we base decisions on.

I would like to thank Rossi for the invitation and for organizing the event and Matt and the Palmer family for being generous and gracious hosts – once again.

On Saturday then the drive down to Dunedin with Jelte Buddingh’ from Omnitree. We took the scenic inland route and were treated with great weather… oh, and we stopped off at Steampunk HQ in Oamaru, which was fun.

Tomorrow we fly up to Auckland again, next event there on Tuesday.