Looking forward

Wow, thinking about it, I realized that October is almost upon us and that, astronomically speaking at least, autumn started with the Equinox last week – all in all, the year seems to be rushing by in a crazed blur.

Only a couple more events this year, traveling to New Zealand next week for a couple of workshops with Rossy and Pro Climb in Christchurch and Auckland, then the NZAA conference in Rotorua. I am looking forwards to meeting up with the arb tribe there…

Back in Europe, the end of the week after NZ is the FISAT technical seminar in Feuchtwangen, GER. I will be presenting there with Puk and Knut Foppe.

Then it will really be tying up odd ends in and around Basle and the run into the end of the year, which is a good thing, as it is a busy time at home in our tree care company.

It has been a very busy year with lots of very interesting meetings and events with a wide range of people. For me – once again – it has been a great privilege to be able to interact and discuss all sorts of issues surrounding working in and on trees, about how to make our work practices safer and/ or more ergonomic or about planning for emergencies. At this point I would like to extend my warm and heart-felt thanks to all who attended one of these events and look forwards to meeting up again in the future.

I just returned from Hamburg yesterday, where we had our annual meeting to discuss the topics for the Climbers’ Forum in Augsburg next year. I am looking forwards to this a lot, the line up of speakers is extremely interesting, again adding a number of speakers from Europe and abroad who will be presenting on a wide range of topics.

In fact, we had so many topics that we have decided to extend the event to three days and will also be working on offering simultaneous translation, not just in English, as was the case this year, but also to add French for 2015. Also, we are planning a big party on the Wednesday with live music (if you guess who will be playing, you win a t-dot sticker), further information to follow – so one way and another it is looking like an event well worth making the trip for.

The dates for the German Tree Care Days and Climbers’ Forum are 5, 6 and 7 May 2015 in Augsburg.