Looking forwards

Beddes, Chris and I will be meeting up for three days in Müllheim, in southern Germany, next week.

Apart from the fact that it is always fun and interesting spending time together, I am very excited at the prospect of moving the various projects that are in the pipeline forwards and being updated on current projects.

If you have not already planned it in, a number of these will be unveiled at the trade show of German Tree Care Days, which the Climbers’ Forum is also part of. So there are multiple reasons to join us there… the dates are 5, 6 and 7 May 2015 with simultaneous translation into French and English being available for Climbers’ Forum.

What we will not be unveiling in 2015 is the treemagineers’ anti-gravity work positioning harness and the trans-dimensional brush removal portal. I am looking forwards to this tech, but is in the very early development stages, you may have to be a bit patient for those…