Memos to self

Slightly stuck on the rescue dummy theme, I realise. Do not worry, I will move on to others, but I could not resist sharing one more…

I was on the road a couple days this week, running a aerial rescue session in eastern Switzerland. Don came along for the ride, he behaved and all went smoothly – maybe more about that in some future post.

I manhandled Don out of the van this morning, in a stroke of genius I strapped a skate board to the bottom of the spine board, which is great – so long as no one tells the kids!

Memo to self #1: Do not attempt to haul Don down the steep driveway to the cellar by yourself wearing the klumpen (wooden clogs) you were given after last year’s ETCC in Netherlands, or else DEATH BY KLUMPEN IT SHALL BE!

Memo to self #2: Do not unload Don just as your lovely, but also rather frail 94-year old neighbour is going out to do her shopping. You will most certainly give her a nasty old fright – QED.