Life is fragile.

Once again this was driven home to me after a strenuous day of making sure people were behaving in a safe fashion and not inadvertently doing anything dangerous during a level 2 training course, when upon arriving home I received some very bad news: A friend had a very serious accident on a building site yesterday when a dumper truck he was driving broke through the roof they were working on – resulting in a seven meter fall.

This is the kind of thing that could so easily kill you. In the blink of an eye.

Luckily here this was not the case, he survived, albeit seriously injured.

All it takes is that one element you are not anticipating or which catches you unaware: a structurally weakened beam, a defect on a limb, a suspended dead piece of canopy, a live wire you thought was isolated, a moment of inattention. Ultimately, it does not matter whether you are top of your game, world-champion tree climber or whatever – or the farmer from the next village or working for a facility management company. Okay, your level of competence may have a degree of influence on the odds, yet no one is safe from falling prey to bad luck, a bad call or simply an oversight.

There is something numbing, raw and frightening about the helplessness you experience when things like this happen to someone in your immediate surroundings. Not something I will ever get used to or am prepared to get used to.

This one goes out to Roman, heal fast and well.

Be safe – and mindful – out there.