Monza Aerial Rescue

Got back from an Aerial Rescue course in Monza, Italy, yesterday with Gabriel and the  Formazione 3T crew. It was fun to be back in Monza, first time since ETCC two years ago.

I find that Aerial Rescue courses often develop an intensity and dynamic, depending on the group you are working with. This one was great, of course there is a range of competencies, yet I find that so long as people are willing to muck in and are open for input, it is usually possible to offer something to everyone. I am a firm believer in identifying generic problem solving techniques, which one is then able to apply to a broad range of situations, rather than specific techniques applicable to one situation only. Once this frame work has been established, one can then start to discuss specifics.

Good times anyways, thanks to all who took part and to Gabri and Ezio for their continued support – this year marks ten years of collaboration.

Ken came along for the ride, deciding to grab a bit of R&R ahead of his mission at ETCC in Deventer. Ken is a Simulaids dummy of few words, but I know he is excited about being part of this event once again..

He also spent a bit of time working on his tan…