More viewing

Hopefully what you are doing over the Christmas and New Year period will be similar to what I am: kicking back, taking it easy, spending plenty of time in front of the fireplace, reading some books and watching a couple of films.

Here is one that comes highly recommended… Filmage – The Story of Descendents/ All. After having a bit of whinge about crowdfunding projects the other day, I have to say that this is a very fine product to have emerged out of exactly that kind of process. This documentary tells the story of the Descendents, a seminal west coast punk band who started playing in the early eighties whose influence to this day cannot be overstated.

Loud music not your thing? That is fine and does not really matter, as it is not really what the documentary is about. The doc ticks many boxes, it is at times quirky, funny, serious and profound – it will make you laugh, but also think about big decisions you make in life and living with their consequences.

One of the things I feel strongly about when presenting or putting myself in front of a class is to establish that the relationship I am striving to build with the attendees is not based upon power, but rather upon trust and respect. After all, how sad would it be to travel all that way to teach that class to hoist myself up onto a guru pedestal – because as a guru I cannot be taught anything, as supposedly I already know it all! Not my cup of tea. I go to places to expand my horizon and to learn. I also think that being authentic is essential… trying to be something that I am not strikes me as being a surefire recipe to end up looking like a bit of a fool.

Bill, Milo and the rest of the Descendents/ All crew certainly score high on the non-power trip and authenticity scale, they remained humble and approachable throughout. These boys simply did what they enjoyed doing, were committed and sincere – and did not forget to have a laugh on the way.

Ok, it’s five bucks, but believe me, that is money well spent. You can thank me later.