Morning thoughts

Here are two thoughts from this morning for you…

First off, got a day’s training ahead of me. It is six in the morning now and the thermometer indicates says it is 10 degrees Celsius outdoors. That, in my books, is a reasonable temperature to spend a day standing around in and not doing a crazy amount of climbing. Certainly beats a basic training course in January hands down: temperatures around or below freezing, wind chill and damp? No, no, nooooooo. I find it almost impossible to stay warm in such conditions. I can just imagine my friends from Arboriculture Canada or Laval in QC  snorting derisively at that statement, but that is just the way it is: I am quite keen on moderate climate.

So let’s hear it for spring!

Second thought, this is a further one of those things that puzzle me: One of the activities we partake in most regularly is eating. How come, I ask, is it that when it comes to naming streets in towns there are not more places named after food? It would be such an obvious thing to do!

There is ONE road here named after food or dishes, which is the Erdbeergraben, Strawberry ditch – how prosaic. I think we could go one better than that if we invested some effort in it: Sushi Gardens, Tofu and Sprouts Risotto Drive, Roast Beef Avenue, Broccoli Bake Square and so the list goes on…

The funny thing would be though that you would recognise road named in the pre-healthy food era, that would be called things like Deep Fried Chicken Wings Lane or Greasy Plate Crescent. But not to worry, they would be re-named as time went by into things like Carrot and Apple Smoothie Road or Low Fat Yoghurt Alley.

And then you would have all the big multi-nationals and food corporations, the Unilevers and Krafts of the world jumping on the bandwagon with thinks like Golden Rice Grove, KitKat Alley or Ben and Jerry’s Drive. Eek!

Um… maybe things start to get a bit complicated there. Still, fact remains, I like the idea of living in a road named after my favorite dish, dunno, Mixed Vegetable Thali Terrace, for instance.

With this, I rest my case.