Ninjas, Cowboys and Bears!

Over the years we have harped on about the need for good communication. Communication is so often the key to resolving issues, to clearing interpersonal log jams and is the foundation for a positive work environment.

It is a privilege to work in and around trees, they are truly extraordinary beings that never cease to amaze me. The other thing about working in tree care is that arborists are such a special group of people… certainly a niche that I can function in.

But despite these many positive aspects, there are some jobs that more fun than others. Tree protection on building sites, for instance. Or pruning some old dear’s topped, 8m-high Acer negundo. I cannot help but notice that there is somewhat less of a rush to go and do those jobs.

So who gets to do what? How do we make ensure that the pain is spread fairly?

I propose to you to use… (whirl of drums)… Ninja, Cowboy, Bear!

It is pretty easy: you start back to back, take three steps away from each other, shout “Ninja, Comboy, Bear!” at the top of your voice, spin around and then assume either the Ninja (martial arts poise), Cowboy (two pistols) or Bear (Grrrrr) position – and then see who comes out tops!

As you know, at treemagineers, we endorse all things ninja, cowboys are… well, cowboys. And bears want to eat you, so there you go.

Just a thought, before I take of to Tampa tomorrow…