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Why are comments not enabled on the treemagineers blog?

Well, it is certainly not because I am not interested in what you think – on the contrary, rather it is down to the form of how we discuss issues. In a day and age when everybody seems to be communicating in a breathless and instantaneous fashion (how often does it occur that a client will send you an e-mail in the morning and call in the afternoon all grumpy that you have not sent him a quote yet. Like, seriously?! Client: I sent you an e-mail five hours ago! You: Errr, right), we made the conscious decision that we did not want to have to monitor the comments on the blog permanently in order to filter out the really weird stuff.

Our aim was to create a platform to share with you ideas and concepts, to present exciting developments or to outline interesting projects, to point out things we find upsetting, dangerous or funny – hopefully the blog has achieved some of this and has offered the one or other impulse for you over the years.

So rather than opt for fast-twitch, instantaneous communication where the main aim is to be seen to respond as fast as possible, we chose to go for the long, drawn out conversation, preferring quality over quantity or speed of delivery.

I love coming to an event, meeting up with someone I have not seen in a while or have maybe only just met, and the person mentions something I wrote about half a year ago and we will have a conversation about a matter we have both given thought to – not just for a mere thirty seconds, but over a longer period of time, allowing us to really mull it over and consider its various aspects.

So, you are very welcome to give us feedback on a topic, you can reach us via the contact form on the website – or let’s make a point of having a chat about… stuff at an event next year.