Nomenclature and Acronyms

Today I was thinking about yesterday’s post, Blindingly Obvious, in which I mentioned Knut Foppe.

Year’s ago, when I was just discovering the fact that there was more to arboriculture than just the company I was working in at the time, Knut was one of the few people out there doing workshops and presentations. As such he was very influential for me and has contributed much towards the way we work today. Early on, Peter Styrnol and he started selling equipment as High Tree Tech. Again, they were one of the earlier outfits selling gear… well, I say selling, when in all honesty it was all pretty chaotic, but still… they had a catalogue! In glorious black and white A4 photocopies. I think it is fair to say that times have indeed changed somewhat. It pays to bear in mind that the High Tree Tech catalogue was the first place you could buy a ring/ ring cambium saver.

One of the things that Knut is credited with coming up with the Knut Knot, as shown below in one of Brian Kotwicka’s images…

The knot’s name tickles me every time, as in Swedish, “knut” means “knot”.

This doubling up is a bit like talking about AIDS syndrome or ATM machines. Know what I mean? A knot knot? ? An automatic telling machine machine? Or an acquired immune deficiency syndrome syndrome? It simply does not really make sense.

OK, strictly speaking the examples above are two different things, whilst one is lost in translation, the other is lost in acronyms – yet for argument’s sake, my point remains.

I therefore vote that the knot formerly known as the Knut Knot shall henceforth simply be known as the Knut.