Of need and necessity

Whatever you choose to believe, I am sure we can all agree upon the fact that we live in a world of limited, finite resources.

Also, our planet is a closed cycle – so it makes sense not to squander the resources we have, but rather to use them in a responsible and fair fashion. Which obviously we are a long way away from doing.

What always really strikes me as being the height of cynicism is when the blame for the state our planet is in is placed upon population pressure in developing countries. This is, to say the very least, a debatable position – or at least only part of the bigger picture. It has been proven that in actual fact a small percentage of the global population in industrialized nations are responsible for the lion share of emissions and use up a disproportionately large amount of resources and goods when broken down to a per capita figure.

Over the years we at treemagineers have had the opportunity to contribute towards the development of various pieces of equipment and PPE items. Obviously these also come with an ecological price tag attached. The argument of shorter transport distances from raw materials to production to final product is one of the – many – reasons we decided to look for and work with manufacturers based within Europe.

If you ask me whether I think you need a given piece of equipment my answer would be to ask you whether you really need it. If you do, fine. If you do not, don’t buy it. In the end it is a bit like our family vehicle, a Volkswagen T4 Transporter. It is now ten years old and sometimes I find myself wondering whether it might not be an idea to replace it with a more modern vehicle, lower in emissions and more fuel efficient.

But in actual fact, it is clear that by far the most ecological thing you can do is to maintain vehicles well and to use them for a long time, as the production of a new vehicle uses a lot of energy and produces loads of carbon.

So in many ways, maybe we ought to be considering purchases from the point of view of not just whether our bank account can afford a given product – but also whether the planet can.

One of the things I like about the treeMOTION harness is that you can replace wear parts and therefore can use it for a much longer period of time. If we are not planning on cooking ourselves and the planet it makes sense to consider what we really need, to use longer, to reuse and to recyle.

This image made me laugh, thinking back to the Smart Monkeys and Hi Viz Ninja post a couple of weeks back…