Oh well…

You remember, how the other day I realized that I would be flying back with JAL on a BA codeshare, and would therefore not have to watch the same films all over again that I had watched on the way over to Japan? Well guess what? I was pottering through Narita airport, checking out all the stuff I don’t need, as one does, in the airport shopping area, when I happened to glance at a Departures announcement board and noticed the the 11.45 flight to Heathrow was not showing up. Huh? I the end I realized that that flight had been cancelled and I had been rebooked to the BA flight an hour before. I had received an e-mail about this, but assumed that the flight showing up in the BA app was the active one. It wasn’t. Things then became a little hectic, flight boarded as I reached the gate.

Soooooo, as it was the same airline, I was stuck with the same selection of films. Ho hum. So I slept, which is also not a bad plan.

Tell me about it! And it can make you miss your flight.

What lesson do I take away from this? Over-reliance on all our gadgets and devices we surround ourselves with put you at increased risk of digital dementia. There is clearly a strong argument for hardcopies – and for writing stuff down.

Talking of over-reliance on electronic devices, if you are in any way interested in such things, I can thoroughly recommend  “To Save Everything, Click Here: The Folly of Technological Solutionism” by Evgeny Morzov – food for thought.