On the map!

Time and again it is surprising what you find on Google Maps. Yesterday I looked up Messe Augsburg, the convention centre in Augsburg where the German Tree Care Days and Climbers’ Forum take place, when to my surprise, who should I bump into there but the treemagineers drop tower! 😁

This must have been take in 2014 or 15 during the set-up of the event. Just goes to show how you can never be sure of who is watching you!

Apart from that, as we start to gear up for this year’s event season, with Climbers’ Forum kicking things off end of April, I am starting to get rather excited about what the various events are going to bring with them in terms of meetings and interactions with people, insights and surprises.

If you have nothing planned for end of April, why not come and join us in Augsburg?